Word Counter

A Word Counter is a simple online tool that can help you keep track of the number of words in a piece of text. This can be useful when you're working on a writing project and need to know how many words you've written, or if you're trying to estimate how long it will take you to read a document.

You can use a word counter to count the number of words in a document or to find out how many words are in a particular section of text. To use a word counter, simply enter the text into the tool and it will provide you with a word count.

There are a few different ways to use this tool. The most common is to simply copy and paste your text inside the tool.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use a Word Counter:

Step 1: Click the link – Word Counter.

Step 2: Paste the text inside the tool. Now click on the Count button.

It will give you a count of the number of wordscharacterscharacters with spaces and paragraphs in your document.

Disclaimer: We strive to make our tools as accurate as possible but we cannot guarantee it will always be so.

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